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Galaxy A20 - $30
Schok Flip (2) - $10 ea.
New Horizons - $30
iTouch Watch - $15
iLife '06 - $15
Parallels (2) - $5 ea.
Uncharted 2 - $5
DS Headset - $5
Sony Phone Buds - $5

0000 - Samsung Galaxy A20

$30 - Used

Samsung Galaxy A20

My prior phone before I moved to a new one.
Dual SIM plus Micro SD card tray. Updated to latest OS.
Includes OtterBox case, but no power adapter.

0001 - Schok Flip (2 in stock)

$10 each - Like New

Schok Flip

Initially was intended for PTT testing.
Includes power adapter and new SIM to be activated with a Boost Mobile plan.
Phones are locked to the Boost Mobile network.

0002 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

$30 - Unused

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This was a pre-order, however the store remained closed for months due to the pandemic.
I ended up rush ordering the digital version, but I did manage to claim the pre-order in the end.
Copy is still sealed. Went back to playing older Animal Crossing in the end.

0003 - iTouch Watch

$15 - Used

iTouch Watch

Was a JCPenney special, model 3260.
Moved on to using mechanical watches.
Charge cable included.

0004 - iLife '06

$15 - Unused

iLife 06

Unopened standard retail copy of iLife '06 for Mac computers.
Requires a G4 or higher Mac running either version 10.4 or 10.3.9 of OS X.

0005 - Parallels Desktop 8/10

$5 each - Unused

Parallels Desktop

Windows virtualization that can integrate with Boot Camp partitions. B&H OEM copies.
Version 8 is usable from 10.5 to 10.8 of OS, version 10 is for 10.7 to 10.10.
To comply with the OEM license agreement, a live guided setup from me of the software is included.

0006 - Uncharted 2

$5 - Used

Uncharted 2

Came with the PS3 bundle we got years ago.
I never played it, but it was borrowed a few times by some old friends I used to have.

0008 - Nintendo DS Headset

$5 - Used

DS Headset

Mostly used it as an external mic source for the DS.
Designed primarily for use in Pokemon multiplayer, though I didn't have any friends to use it with.

0009 - Sony Ericsson In-Line & Earbuds

$5 - Unused

Sony Phone buds

HPM-64. Likely was one of the included accessories for an old Sony phone.

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